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Our Services

Whether you are relocating, on a business trip, or TDY for the government or military, Tampa Bay Living  L.L.C. is motivated to help you find that perfect place for your short term rental needs.  We understand that everyone is looking for something different;  Schools, distance to work, nightlife, & beach accessibility are just some factors we consider to match up the perfect place that will cater your needs.  Our staff will work for you to locate and arrange a rental property, so that your move to Tampa Bay area will be seamless. We offer a variety of temporary furnished lodging options to include apartments, privately owned houses, extended-stay hotels, and condominiums.


The Team

We strive to exceed expectations when we interact with our customers.  Tampa Bay Living is a small team focused on providing a smooth moving transition down to the Tampa Bay area.  The company was created with one goal in mind: to provide a superior moving experience during the hectic period of transitioning from one place to another.  How do we know it is hectic? The owner had a trying experience when he moved to the Bay Area on TDY for 6 months.  The services provided did not meet expectations. The rental provider was unresponsive to his requests, and the property did not match his interests.  He knew that this could be improved and formed Tampa Bay Living, so that customers have a choice in short term rental provider in the area.



Let us prove to you that your time in the bay area can be enriched by the professionals at Tampa Bay Living.  Simply contact us at 813-421-2296 or email us at baylivingllc@gmail.com to begin the process of placing you in the right property in the Tampa Bay area.